DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationIs the Internet blog true that the Vatican has warned Vladimir Putin to stop fighting the Anunnaki?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is not true. This is a planted article intending to throw up a smokescreen and create confusion. The more such tales get told and are embraced by the unwary, the more people will be discredited with any such accounts of their being a concern coming from extraterrestrial presence and any interaction by humans with the extraterrestrials. In the end, with so much confusion and uncertainty, the baby gets thrown out with the bath, so even legitimate accounts of strange happenings like the Giant of Kandahar incident will get ignored so no one will be believed, and this goes for Get Wisdom as well.

It is most unfortunate, but cannot be helped in the current climate. The agencies working for the government and intelligence community are out and about always in force, sowing discord, creating conflicting accounts of real events, and fabricating others totally, in order to create distractions and conflicting disinformation campaigns. This plays into their hands. The human tendency is to choose one side of an argument when, in fact, both may be wrong in some cases and in others, a partial truth is there but has an overlay of exaggeration in some respect and then becomes discredited because there is evidence to discount the exaggeration and that is enough for people to disregard the entire story.

This is how secrets end up keeping themselves, because a smokescreen goes up around the event and soon no similar incident will be given any serious consideration when, in fact, there are many legitimate accounts of bizarre extraterrestrial doings that are witnessed directly by human beings but they are simply not believed and the stories die on the vine very quickly because of the disinformation campaigns and their impact on thinking.