DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationIs the promotion of vegetarian and vegan diets a disinformation campaign designed to worsen nutrition and undermine human health? If so, who is behind this?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is very much a disinformation campaign. The many true believers in the sanctity and wisdom of avoiding animal products in the diet is very much inspired and instilled through subconscious programming and mind control manipulation done by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. They delight in such schemes to create beliefs within people they must do something that is actually inimical to their interest and wrap it in a plausible explanation, including the belief they are helping the planet or themselves or are sidestepping a moral lapse of some kind. And so will take on a personal deprivation thinking they are serving someone or something else, when in fact, they are only harming themselves unnecessarily. That is the case here. There is no virtue in avoiding meat and dairy products as they are designed to be staples in the diets of many organisms and are the best source of nutrition.

There are potential liabilities from poor processing standards as well as the overlay of negativity experienced by many animals in the factory farm setting with the restricted housing and poor treatment in many cases, causing the deposition of negative thought forms from the animal’s consciousness into the cellular material, which is then ingested by humans and adds to their own negativity and inner discord. This is a source of allergy, and food intolerances, and general unpleasantness, but it can be removed with simple prayer requests. So aside from that caveat, there is no moral liability in using animal constituents in the diet. They were created for this and serve in this role willingly. They only want to be treated respectfully and humanely, and that is always possible to arrange and will be done by thoughtful animal husbandry.

There are compelling reasons to use these materials because, as you know, there is an absolute requirement for saturated fats because of the need for particular fatty acids that are very hard to substitute in other ways. And there will be many with dietary deficiencies attempting to have a strict vegetarian regime. It is not that this is impossible, it is just that it is difficult and wholly unnecessary. People can certainly choose to consume what they prefer and avoid other food sources, that is their choice, but to promote it as an exalted way of living or preferential compared to meat-based diets, is a false notion. And while people may feel quite self-righteous about this, they are simply wrong in thinking of this as a moral choice. It is actually hazardous and complicated to carry out and many are harmed in the attempt.

The source of this disinformation campaign is the Extraterrestrial Alliance, knowing full well that it is unhealthy. This is why they have manipulated nutritional science and the research to constrain a full probing and explanation of dietary choices, but rather use mind control manipulation to champion misguided notions and turn everything on its head. And this is how things have come to be so far off target in the current generation of humans, who have been told for decades to avoid saturated fats and to have a diet largely of vegetables and grains, which have low nutritional value, and the high carbohydrate content is the most unhealthy diet one can choose. This is no accident. It is not ignorance or the inability of scientists to think things through. This was orchestrated to happen to constrain the science, to limit inquiry and critical thinking, and in that setting, people do what they are told because they are made complacent and compliant, and only find out when it is too late that much of the damage has already been done.