DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsIs the young black boy, Demetrius Griffin, who was murdered by a Chicago street gang by putting him in a 55-gallon drum and burning him to death, now safely in the light or in need of a Spirit Rescue?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

He as well continues to struggle and this is a direct result of the horrific way he died and the tremendous suffering he went through. He previously had impairment that limited him and this as well was a hazard contributing to lack of preparation and, of course, at so young an age, few are prepared for a transition back to the light. Even though they might be in a higher vibrational mode intuitively, that does not mean negativity cannot enter in and drag them down and create difficulty with transitioning even as a young child. Much happens once the birth process is completed. Even during gestation and birthing, there can be a reawakening of severe prior karmic injury that can go to work on a person and lower them substantially because of inner worrying it stirs up. With the incursion of spirit meddler attachments, this can rapidly deteriorate further and the damage will be compounded and the individual will be correspondingly impaired further and this can become quite a dilemma affecting a person on a lifelong basis or even limiting their transition back home should they have an accident or illness that takes their life at a young age. That is what happened here.