DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIs there anything else helpful you could share with us about how the Lightworker Healing Protocol session was conducted by such a young girl and its consequences?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This was a fine example of Protocol execution from first to last. It was guided superbly by the fine intuition of the daughter, and was backstopped effectively by the father in understanding the process and helping to facilitate things. They make a fine duo, to carry out such work. It is quite a heavy responsibility, to be sure, for someone so very young, and it is, in many ways, unfortunate to expose someone of tender years to the realities of all that happens between spirits and humans, but she sees this for herself naturally because of her intuitive reach, so it is better to have an understanding, and especially to gain a mastery personally, in being able to manage such phenomena and know that the light is here and is her friend and can always help her to accomplish whatever she needs to do.

We can truly handle anything. If there are difficulties for a time in resolving something that is too well-entrenched, repeat sessions will eventually solve the problem, and the light can be called upon to maintain safety for all in the interim. So there are no hazards in doing work of this kind as long as one routinely seeks protection as a part of the session. Children have the same power as adults, and often much more so because their intuition is more powerful and their belief often more powerful as well. The one helps the other. There is nothing like seeing to believe that something is real and to understand what is going on, and to see the effects of doing the work producing a tangible result because it is witnessed directly. We applaud the two in working together in this way with a beautiful healing outreach to help a friend.