DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsIt was said in an earlier channeling that Lucifer wanted something that was “beyond his reach.” Was that “something” power, or influence, or talent, or attributes he saw being expressed by other angels or beings that he couldn’t replicate and became envious of? Or was he attempting to reach Creator’s level of influence and power, and failing that became frustrated and fell?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Neither are a precise depiction of what took place. The latter is the closest in matching the sequence of events. This was an indulgence in the ego and more desire for power and control. Whereas, the role of angels is to serve and to submerse the self and the desires of the self to accommodate and lend greater importance to the human in need at the expense of the self—becoming tied to them in some way and truly serving them in a way far beneath their capabilities. This can be quite boring and routine work and disheartening on many levels in having to witness negativity and the limited capability of their charges. It requires of the angelics a truly selfless giving of love with little in return, as the human rarely knows they exist let alone have given the human a path back to a happy life, a true miracle in many respects—all being done while denying the desires and needs of the self when many times more enjoyable pursuits would be done without the obligation to serve. This is a high calling indeed, and is a very demanding one. This can be a problem for some angelics who, like Lucifer, have an impure focus and began to stray from the path. As we have indicated before, this becomes a slippery slope and it is harder and harder to work one’s way back to their prior height when they begin to falter.