DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsHow much does jealousy of the creativity of the Divine Human factor in the fall of some angels?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This has been a factor and was true to some extent with Lucifer as well, and was part of the conflict with ego we have spoken of in becoming an angelic with the role of serving and, in fact, being subservient to human where their needs will come first in terms of duties. With too great a focus this can cause some angelics to stray and be neglectful at times. This is noticed and corrected, but through willful choice and then a kind of potential for bad habits to form, angels can find themselves on a self-destructive path and then will become a problem for themselves and for others. This will be noticed and attempts will be made to assist them. In most cases, this is successful. Many have learned the hard lesson taught by Lucifer and the fallen spirit meddlers. Seeing their plight and their extreme disconnection to the point where they are perishing is a cautionary tale for all the other angelics who do not wish to follow in that path.

So, this is much like the episode of divine human going through creation and working their way through, learning the ropes as a physical human and then dealing with the interlopers bringing such negativity into their realm—but once this is conquered, humans will ascend and then things will be much, much easier. The same is true for the angelics who have gone through this problem of disconnection and fall from grace. Those who can be saved and restored will not fall back in this lifestyle again. Nor will humans, having gone through all of the trials and tribulations of the temptations of the duality and the difficulty in maintaining balance and standing strong in the face of temptation with all the challenges life can bring. The angels will not go backwards and so there is a parallel learning curve going on here. This can turn out as a win-win and this would be a true blessing for all concerned.

No one will know how better to serve than an angel that has fallen from grace and found their way back, just as with human becoming corrupted and wounded again and again, down through the ages, and having a huge karmic backlog of pain and suffering hanging over them, holding them down, hindering their progress, but finally prevailing through finding a path to healing, will be an expert on handling negativity and all the possibilities of free will and free agency, and will know how to avoid the pitfalls. So, this is a learning phase only and not an inevitable cycle that must be repeated again and again, both for divine human and for the angelics.