DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaJob enjoyed renewed abundance (after his tribulation) that was even greater than before his troubles. Is that easily achievable by anyone once the burden of their negative karma is lifted (or “mostly” lifted)?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This too is an important lesson of the saga. Most people are hindered significantly by the negativity of their past experiences, both self-caused and imposed at the hands of others, and people have no ability to see what life could hold in the absence of the constraints imposed on a continual basis by the energies of past trauma playing out in their lives currently. They simply do not enjoy the ability to hold that perspective. There is no control life proceeding in parallel as a basis of comparison. They are simply used to treading through a quagmire that is not visible but only energetic. The fact life is tiring, that life is ponderous, that life is slow in unfolding in ways bringing happiness, all are manifestations of the headwind created by karma and its imperative to repay the debts of the past. That must come from somewhere and always draws on current energy for the repayment. This will be felt as a net negative and a drain on the well-being in the moment but without a conscious understanding or awareness of why there is a loss of energy nor where it might be going and the reasons for the loss.

When the burden of karma is lifted, that is when people can truly begin to soar. So this rebound for Job is a good illustration of the virtue of facing one’s obligations and working in earnest to heal all of one’s past karma because the benefits will not only be lifelong but extend into an infinite future. The sooner this is seen to, the sooner life will improve and the net benefits begin to grow, and grow, and grow from more good things than bad.