DWQA QuestionsCategory: Interdimensional ActivityMy client [name withheld] asks: “Are spirit portals possibly created by people using Ouija Boards, or some other outreach to the beyond? Basically, how are portals opened?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The energetic gateways are a feature and a fixture within the infrastructure of Gaia. There are many energetic grids and many layers to them. The spirit portals are examples of an energy gateway much like a web that has many nodes where lines converge coming from different directions physically and interdimensionally. It is at these points of convergence that a portal exists. These are not created. In other words, they do not come and go on the whims and desires of beings, they are part of creation and are there for a purpose. So this is not something a person can conjure up using an Ouija board or any misguided outreach into the unknown, the paranormal realms, the lower astral plane. These simply exist, and where they are located will determine what might take place in those locations as a consequence. As you know, they are utilized heavily by dark spirits to come and go and they represent a risk to humans nearby and need to be dealt with to move them out of the way so they do not encroach on humans wishing to live and not be pestered.