DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsMy client [name withheld] had a long conversation with her deceased uncle in the light, who was from Manitoba Canada, while on her way by herself to see a movie. She arrived and found an empty seat, and on the empty seat next to her there was a cap with the embroidered words, “Manitoba Canada.” That’s a long way from this theatre in a suburb of Chicago. Was this just an unlikely coincidence or is there more to the story?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This, as she felt quite strongly at the time, and as you felt intuitively, was not a coincidence. However unlikely, it was in fact, an answer to her prayers as you discussed with her the week before in recommending she ask for signs that she is being heard by the divine realm, and that her loved ones can see her and are connected to her still. This was a true apport that placed the physical cap that was very much real on the seat next to her in the movie theater, and was done through a sequence of dematerialization and re-materialization in a new location to, in effect, deliver it to her. This was a gift from the subject of her conversation, the loving being in the light wishing her well and wanting to her to know he appreciated her thinking about him, and very much wants her to be happy and is sending his love, with the cap appearing as physical proof of this, as the best signal he could arrange under the circumstances of being no longer among the living.