DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfWhat was the origin of the voice that spoke to my client [name withheld] after he tried to hang himself and the rope broke, and lying there unconscious heard of voice say to him: “Wake up now or you’ll never get up,” and then he came to?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This was his higher self speaking to him directly within his mind, to give him this opportunity to come back from the brink, so to speak, as he could easily have perished in that experience, and in fact, was on the margin of life. And with the strong intention to be gone, it might well have happened without this caution and encouragement to regain consciousness and stay where he was within the physical body. This was a close call, but also a blessing, because there were a good many things learned and accomplished since those days that otherwise could never have taken place, and the life would have been cut far short and this would have been a loss for him and his soul’s journey.