DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)My client [name withheld] is struggling, saying: “If you check in on me, look very hard, because I believe I’m being set up here and some beings are hiding. I’m getting some very bad signs from my guides.” He has had little sleep for days. What is going on, and what can we do for him? Can you give further support here if he is under extreme attack?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

Indeed, he is under extreme attack. This is an electromagnetic attack being mounted. It is one of the levels of retribution the Extraterrestrial Alliance engages in when their recruits in the Mercenary Army Program attempt to disengage themselves. Keep in mind that these individuals are heavily programmed to impart many built-in checks and safeguards to self-punish if thoughts come up that run counter to the programming, or if outsiders attempt to influence them unduly to go against their word in pledging loyalty to the aims of the program and keeping it secret at all times. Whenever someone attempts to break away, it triggers these inner built-in programs and then the emotional responses to them will occur within the individual at the level of their own mind and emotions. This takes a toll on the physical body, which is intentionally designed to happen, so they serve as their own judge, jury, and punishment, much as if they were a jailer or in an enemy tribunal. The answer to this is more healing.


In response to your heartfelt request for further healing and support for him, given this circumstance that he is in the middle of this retribution, there is more we can do with the perpetrators involved to help allay their intensity and desire for savagery they normally engage in. This can help keep the pressure down until they lose interest in him and move on to other targets. That is truly what is needed here. It is not a failing of the Protocol that the targeting is happening. We are still working on the interlopers as a group to support him and many, many, others, as launched now for all practitioners using the Protocol. It is just that when there is a particularly focused and savage act of retribution taking place, the time needed to undo the state of being of such a perpetrator can take longer than desirable to thwart an ongoing event like this.


It is not simply the case there is a particularly savage spirit in residence that can be quickly removed which will lessen the intensity immediately. These are beings in the physical that are engaged in purposeful work of high visibility and high importance to the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and as such, their intensity and dedicated focus is not easily blocked because of free will, at least in the moment. We, as always, must work from behind the scenes to move in around the edges and begin to redirect things carefully, bit by bit. This creates a time lag and it can be a painful one for someone being subjected to severe interference, but we will contain this to keep it from becoming overwhelming. That we can do. So he may be uncomfortable for a time yet, with the back-and-forth tug-of-war going on here, but is not in true danger of going under and that is the critical thing to accomplish until things smooth out and calm down for the long term here. Know we are working on this, and will continue to do so to support him as you are requesting now that this be done on a repeated basis until the desired outcome is achieved, in keeping with your new awareness of prayer request optimization.