DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsMy client, [name withheld], wants to do a higher self channeling this evening and sent me a list of proposed questions. These included some test questions about where he was and what he was thinking at specific times during his life, as well as wanting to know names and descriptions of all his spirit guides and guardians, and in addition is wanting to know about involvement of any relatives with extraterrestrials. All three of these are troublesome ethical areas for interacting with the divine realm as we have learned over the years. We wish to avoid being put in a position where we are seen as faulty or phony because we cannot provide expected information that seems straightforward to the client but might be denied by the divine realm, such as proving their omniscience. We don’t want to be ducking our duty and are not unwilling to take some risks in putting ourselves forward come what may. However, we don’t want to be abusing the privilege and unnecessarily risking criticism when clients wish to cross ethical boundaries we are aware of. How should we deal with this in terms of serving what is highest and best for all concerned?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You are rightly concerned about this particular session. There are many, many pitfalls present here as you have learned individually over the years. The various areas of difficulty being the revelation of too many intimate details, such as to prove the existence and legitimacy of the divine realm spokesperson. This is not allowed. Although it would seemingly be totally in alignment and serving the process, the interaction of the earth plane with the divine realm always has many constraints, one of which being that it must be done through faith, and if the faith is not sufficient, communication altogether will be denied. Moving beyond the faith threshold, when there is an attempt to verify the validity of the spokesperson this inherently is approaching the conversation from a vantage point of harboring doubts, and because of the rules of engagement, the question will not be answered by the divine spokesperson because the doubt within the client must be honored as their choice. This is very difficult for people to accept and would be seen often as a copout or excuse, when in fact this is not the case, it is only the divine realm obeying the rules to follow the desires of the human and to stay within the allowable boundaries.

The human, in directing the process, must have the requisite need and a high intention for there to be communication to begin with. So there are many conditional constraints on the dialogue. The issue of going beyond the personal to explore the doings of others is another ethical quandary because it is not highest and best to share someone’s intimate details. Even being a victim through no fault of their own, it nonetheless is raising issues about them of a deeply personal nature and this too is a slippery slope. While well-intentioned, it creates potential karmic fallout from having information revealed at a later point in time without thinking, and the consequence might be significant in creating inner fear or creating a backlash of some kind. This safeguard is built into the process you are routinely using in not divulging personal data or information about the doings of family members to the sponsor of the session work. And so this would be crossing a boundary, and while the desire to know is truly well-intentioned in wanting to help support perhaps some additional healing outreach, that can be sponsored independent of knowing such details and has already been arranged by this client for others and that would be highest and best here as well.

The issue of identifying spirit guides and guardians by name we have discussed with you many times, that this is inadvisable and will not be supported by the divine realm directly. Naming the guides and guardians can backfire in many circumstances. If the person comes to rely on them, calling them by name, this can limit the response of the divine realm in bringing in higher level help. They will be forced to leave the task at hand to the divine helper requested by the human, and it may well be that another divine agent would be superior. Such guides are normally rotated with growth and enlightenment of the human, and if a person becomes too dependent on a named helper, they will be stuck with what they know, and such helpers must remain in place, as human choice must be honored, whether or not it is highest and best. Such names and descriptions are gleaned by many psychics through their intuitive reach, but that is not to say it is ethical to divulge such information. It has become commonplace, but keep in mind the fact that most psychics do not function in an ethical manner because of their ignorance, not because they willfully intend to cause harm, but are very cavalier with all kinds of intimate information and personal data and are primarily motivated to demonstrate their prowess, their ability to obtain information and ferret out deep secrets as these are often quite intriguing to the client.

But the psychic will not be thinking about the consequences of having that information for the future course of the client’s life, and how it might affect their choices, affect their very destiny in perhaps raising fears and causing them to move in unexpected or unplanned directions in response to the knowledge they gain. If there is not a high purpose for them to know, this can cause a misdirection and lost opportunity or even negative outcomes that can be traceable to the revelation of information that would be better left unknown to the client for the current life experience. There are opportunities later on to review what has happened for purposes of learning and planning to do repair and healing for things that have gotten out of hand. So there is ample time in future to correct the wrongs and provide healing. It is not always essential to jump in and take on everything that might be present or unhealed. Everyone has a huge karmic backlog and once you start looking for things will find no end of unfinished business, but it is not always highest and best to begin tackling things just because they may be there.

Each life has a certain plan and trajectory and some things come up for attention and are an important priority and many others are secondary. They may or may not be triggered and may or may not be healed. If healing happens it is a benefit, but need not always be top priority, and in fact, if focused on and pursued, may cause a new set of problems by opening up a cascade of related experiences and create intensity of energy around the prior wounding that then becomes a compelling need. And if the needs are not fully met, the person is worse off for having started the exploration to begin with. So there are many sleeping dogs that are better left undisturbed. They will be dealt with at some point in the future, but there is wisdom in not looking for trouble before it rears its head, and in particular, doing so for third parties is inviting karmic obligation that can otherwise be avoided by respecting their privacy. The virtue of the comprehensive Healing Protocol you employ is in leaving the decision about how healing is conducted to the divine realm.

It is your decision how to respond to this situation and what to share with the client. You are free to share any or all of the above discussion if you choose, and we see you as having sorted this out in your mind and heart prior to asking the question and we are basically re-echoing your thoughts and concerns for the client’s welfare, as well as others who may be involved in the consequences of going down this path. So it is up to you how you wish to proceed. The higher self will stay within its boundaries and that you can expect to happen. This is always the case, so you are simply wanting to avoid an awkward situation by deferring the work, and this is for you to decide.