DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhat changes will ascension or the great shift bring to humans? What will this change entail for the day to day existence in the fourth density, spiritually, mentally and physically?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The destiny that awaits divine human with the ascension successfully to higher dimensions is to move beyond the limitations of the physical and physical constraints of the environment and the need for a physical body and its vulnerability to environmental influences. The physical being is quite fragile, as you know, in many respects and also enjoys limited longevity, although not the true longevity as originally designed in. There has been compromise here as well. But this has always been a temporary exercise as envisioned to be a launching pad for independent expression and then to have a growth phase and learning phase followed by an ascension to a higher dimensional reality.

The purpose of the physical sojourn has been to understand and learn about this realm and its requirements and constraints, both. The other physical extraterrestrials we have been discussing with you are still on the physical track even billions of years after creation of their societies. This is because they have not grown and truly conquered the difficulties that are faced in a physical existence and the ability to maintain a purity of expression and connection with the divine origin. This has been imposed on them from without and is the legacy of the dark spirits. That problem needs a solution and it is humans who will bring that solution to bear. This is part of the project humans are enmeshed with at the present time and represents quite graphically the level of difficulty involved here and why there will not be a quick resolution.

This quandary is not even in the awareness of most human beings—that there is a dark spirit cohort corrupting them and multiple other civilizations as well, but yet this awareness must grow, and the solution brought to bear in order for human progress to move to the level of true ascension to higher dimensions. When that happens, life will be quite different because you will be living as light beings once again but with even greater independence and even greater reach than ever before. And you will be Starseeds throughout the universe as ambassadors with history and experience in dealing with all manner of difficulty, including the physical realm as well as extra-dimensional existences. This creates within, a long history going back all through time into other created universes as well.

This has been foreseen from the very beginning and has taken many universes and many, many billions of years in the making to reach this point. This is why the current situation is so serious. It is because all of that prior history is in the balance, as to whether things will go forward or retreat or even collapse back to a very early re-beginning stage. We do not wish to see that happen after so much has been gained, but the ability to ascend will depend very much on the ability of the bulk of humanity to reconnect once again with the divine and to have that desire and intention and deliberate choice to be in unison with the love and light of Creator and to be working hand in hand to move forward for the betterment of all of the creation, including the interlopers. Their dilemma is your problem and your problem to solve. If you cannot find a solution for the perpetrators among you, you will go down with them.

This need not happen. If you choose the path of love it will hold the answer for you and this is why we reach out with our message. You are naturally drawn to love because you are from love and created through love and you operate with love when you are not being hampered and hindered by external forces working against you. You are not so far from these divine origins that you cannot reconnect more robustly. If you want that to happen and choose that, you can reach a solution for the quandary of the physical and break free of the chains that constrain you. In raising up the interlopers you will transcend, and that will launch you on your way into the ascension process. It will not happen unless this problem is met head‑on and dealt with. That is the urgency of our message for you. It is not a misdirection or an inconvenience that can be dismissed and left to others. All have a stake in this and all have a say in what will happen next. If you choose actively or if you choose passively, you will be choosing, and the consequences will ensue. Choose wisely and well and if you choose to be on the path of divine love, you will not fail.