DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaMy plan is to continue to identify “high school students and their schools” as my primary clients at the outset of the session using the Lightworker Healing Protocol for divine healing. Will this provide relief and benefit to this group so they can get back on track?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This will be of benefit exactly as desired and foreseen and is very worth doing. As you know, adolescence is a quite volatile period and often a time when turning points are reached with reawakening of old karmic wounds and agendas that can sidetrack a person for their entire lifetime if things get out of hand, so it is a time when there are many critical healing needs that come up and these are rarely met with an effective answer. So he is in a good position to be an advocate and champion for his son’s betterment. This is a double blessing for sure.