DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolMy student [name withheld] asks if it would improve the Lightworker Healing Protocol to state at the beginning to include not just “myself” but “myself in all realities, timelines & dimensions, quantum self, etc,” might this have a greater impact if done at the beginning?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

As you already explained to him, the Protocol is not implemented in linear fashion and the Protocol and its healing steps refer directly to the need to consider all time domains in various ways, so this is not needed to specify yet again nor to have it at the very outset which is certainly logical but not necessary. It is the case that divine realm knows where it will be going and considers all of the Protocol steps as a whole before launching in and starting the work, so that intervention will be done in the highest and best way with due regard to all required for success, and considering all of the many influences from other dimensions and timelines.