DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaMy client [name withheld] feels she is blocked, is having joint problems, and that she is being targeted. Why is this happening and what can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a reawakening of additional karmic negativity and this needs more healing that can be provided by the Protocol. Life is a dynamic, things can come and go and sprout anew at any point in time. All it takes is a catalyst of some sort which can be simply reaching a certain chronological age or a set of life circumstances that reminds the subconscious of particular times and places in its history, and then it may begin to focus on prior circumstances and begin worrying about them unduly, creating inner discord, and then this worsens into physical symptoms many times. The force of karma will serve to stir up inner negativity because it is seeking an answer and a resolution, and that emotional change within the person or a physical symptom appearing can provide the karmic resonance to match the dilemma being addressed, and suddenly the person’s life has new issues to contend with, and this may seem completely coming out of nowhere and inexplicable, while in actuality, there is a very clear line of cause and effect bringing it about. That is the case here and the answer is further healing and time for it to be fully implemented sufficiently to overcome the negativity being reawakened.