DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlOne of our viewers recently learned that there could be a mechanism of mind control in music. Is this true? How safe is it to listen to today’s music and even music that comes to us from the past?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This phenomenon is quite real and quite true. This was an intuitive awareness of this reality on the part of the questioner. Every source of communication is currently being corrupted to insert subliminal programming that will be imparted to the subconscious mind of the listener. This is true for all musical recordings, all radio programs, all television programming, everything being broadcast via the Internet coming in with the basic carrier wave to create Internet connections on your computer. Even when you are doing nothing but sitting and looking at the screen, you will be bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies from your provider of the Internet connection, coming through the devices at hand. This is true of all cell phones as well. Every time you look at a screen and see a display you are being programmed subliminally by electromagnetic frequencies beaming into you that are being transduced by contaminating nanotechnology you have acquired from food and beverages. This is a broad universal conspiracy to subjugate humanity, to keep them complacent, to block many notions from awareness, to keep secrets, to avoid curiosity about extraterrestrials, about the paranormal, about spirituality and many other subjects that could help humans advance. You are being, in a way, poisoned—to limit your intellectual ability, the ability to reason, to discern good ideas from faulty, the ability to respond with normal curiosity about the unusual.

In many ways, there is a suppression ongoing. And this applies to the musical recordings you might download or obtain in physical form as compact discs. They will have subliminal programming interwoven with the signals generated by the devices playing the program. This is a very clever use of technology in which the humans self-administer alien messaging. It is cultural and it is also designed to become addictive. This is a part of the strategy—to keep people involved with their technology and to acclimate them, and encourage them, and habituate them, and keep them coming back again, and again, and again. This familiarity and the addictive quality compound the problem and, over time, people become heavily subjugated and suppressed in their ability to think and reason. The fear is valid, the technology is all too real. This is a major problem facing humanity at the moment because the entire mainstream society is under this control, very few escape the suppression and will entertain these more controversial subjects that are readily dismissed out of hand by those programmed. It is those who have escaped the subjugation who are able to think clearly still, who can wonder about such things. This awareness is very, very special and so, we applaud the questioner here and applaud all who are listening to this because—all who are still above this level of subjugation and a dense fog of suppression and complacency—are very much needed to be in the vanguard for helping humanity rise above this suppression. It will only happen if you want this to be so. It is important to know what is at stake, and what needs doing, so your requests can be more focused and therefore more effective. If you want this suppression lifted you need to ask us. We cannot do it uninvited. This is your world, you are in charge. You must take action.