DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Richard Russell stole an airplane in Seattle recently, relying on his experience with gaming to fly the plane, then crashed it, killing himself. He spoke while flying of disappointing his friends and family by doing what he was doing. He seemed to be mentally aware of what he was doing but unable to stop himself. Was he a member of the Mercenary Army Program without conscious awareness, and having some form of activation of inner conflicts or programming gone awry?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a very insightful question stemming from a deep intuitive awareness of the dynamics involved in this bizarre episode. This individual is indeed a member of the Mercenary Army Program but seeking to escape from its grip, and in the desire for freedom, exceeded social and legal boundaries of conduct in a symbolic gesture of breaking free. At the same time, this desire to escape his controllers was triggering a built-in suicidal programming within him and so the desire to break free became an imperative to seek his own destruction. And this situation served both quite beautifully, in a symbolic fashion, breaking out from the bounds of Earth and soaring aloft in the sky with grace, and power, and fearlessness representing his newfound reach for freedom. And at the same time, risking his own death and then ultimately sending the plane into the ground, fulfilling the need of inner programming to destroy himself so that he would not fall into enemy hands as demanded by his inner programming—this being highly effective to maintain secrecy and provide a kind of retribution for breaking ranks so to speak.

This is a cautionary tale for all those who are involved with this program but seek healing and restoration of their being to be watchful for such levels of inner negativity and take steps to have help to guide them through the healing process without incident. It is also very instructive for all others by revealing the true nature of the extraterrestrial presence and the collaboration with humans in their doings to construct this so-called Secret Space Program that is being represented as an important new venture to help humanity and provide protection from outside interlopers, when in fact, those proposing the collaboration are the interlopers themselves. It is an evil Trojan horse that is being offered, and while enticing and exciting to many, represents their future annihilation if this is allowed to happen.