DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlThe host on a CBC program was interviewing a young man recently, who makes his living playing an online game and claims to make $500,000 USD a month. While part of the premise was that gaming could win your child a scholarship, a popular game was mentioned where a hundred players join the game and the purpose is to kill off everyone else. Is this training for some sort of sinister purpose, and does this relate to the Mercenary Army Program in some way?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The purpose of such games incorporating violence and killing is always orchestrated to happen by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and encouraged through mind control manipulation beamed to everyone. This becomes an inner desire that is cultivated and encouraged, so will have many adherents embracing those games, seeking them out, and spending countless hours indulging in the pleasures of gaining power through fantasy in dominating other beings. This is tapping into the human desire for safety and security but exaggerating the importance of violence to reach those ends and is a corruption of the divinity within humans when in spiritual alignment. It is the programming that makes it so seductive because the people are truly answering a calling of their inner self, as they perceive it, even though it is a false voice within them singing the siren song, so to speak.

You can be sure that all such dire and extreme scenarios depicted in motion pictures, online platforms, and the many portable devices for gaming are rife with manipulations designed to limit human thought and productivity, and to debase them through conditioning of the participants to carry out untold acts of violence and killing, which is called a game, but nonetheless replicates those activities. While there are no moral losses to the soul in simply mimicking such behavior, there is a change in vibration that puts the person in alignment with choosing harmful actions in a real-life setting. This has been shown time and again by psychological studies, that people primed with certain behaviors practiced in an abstract way will turn more readily to those same strategies when in a real-life situation. The ability to resist this conditioning will vary. They are not automatically servile robots simply from doing video games but will be more inclined to be tolerant and to embrace such choices when thrust into situations that resemble those gaming scenarios in some respect.

This is the danger and the downside they hold. They cheapen human experience and thought. Many variations of representing choices of conduct would be wholly unacceptable in today’s world. For example, a game where the object would be to lynch black people and catch as many as possible to subject to this treatment, or games where the objective is to rape as many attractive females as possible while looking for such targets in various settings, would be scorned and quickly outlawed in all likelihood. But yet, when the victims are anonymous or seemingly acceptable from the current social context, for example, being monsters, or aliens, or non-descript parties, or perhaps evildoers of some kind, this represents something quite acceptable in today’s world where killing is frequently considered an appropriate means to eliminate an enemy. But this line, once crossed, makes it easier, through corruption, to bring about all sorts of distortions of society through violent actions that degrade and harm many, especially the perpetrator, in causing karmic wounds for them that live beyond the suffering of the victim.