DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationShe also asks: “I’m so depressed and disappointed, I almost want to remove myself from GetWisdom. Who needs a pariah like me, if what I am suspecting is true, that I have been a member of the Anunnaki? Are Anunnaki trying to talk with me? Should I leave to keep the other LHPers safe?”
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

Once again, we can reassure you there is no need for excess concern here. The only thing we would caution is to not tout your former allegiance but as a kind of spy who infiltrated their ranks to work for the light. That would be unwise because it might well result in a reprisal of some kind to make you an object lesson. So there is wisdom in maintaining secrecy here and not, in a sense, poking them in the eye. If you follow this common sense approach, you will do just fine. You are not a risk to others. Each person has their own history, makeup, and future potential, and that is appreciated by the interlopers as well, but they only distinguish individuals if there is something in particular that comes to their attention to cause an extra dislike or fear of something. Because of what you are doing and the way you are doing it, they see you as someone who has become irrelevant by joining the ranks of the weaklings and will get what you deserve just like other human beings who are subjugated and harmed over and over by their doings.