DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingShe continues: “I have a tumor in my breast, right where my daughter used to nurse … And while the initial core needle biopsy pathology is benign, both my naturopath and the breast cancer surgeon think it should be removed (there’s a small chance (6 percent) that it will be malignant on removal, and a greater chance it will become malignant if left in, like how a splinter becomes an abscess). My lymph nodes are enlarged. So I’ve long known (even before GetWisdom) that anesthesia isn’t good for me … I’m allergic to most of it, but any deep subconscious help would be welcome. What would be the best thing to focus on to do that?” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

We cannot give medical advice nor countermand medical decisions for individuals, but only speak in the general sense about circumstances where there are misconceptions and misinterpretations and inadequate medical knowledge. So there are very practical considerations here and sometimes a medical solution, even though there might be some downside, is quickest and easiest to do in order to achieve a benefit that is certain, as with removal of a tumor. The ideal is to do everything through the divine, but we understand there are many situations with mixed agendas and complications and the outcomes might not be better than what medicine can offer because of the slow nature of divine healing for deep karmic issues. So sometimes a medical expedient is of tactical benefit to stop a problem that is brewing because the divine healing for the deeper karmic issue can be done and put in motion, and will still be ongoing so then you have the best of both.

So we would say the subconscious channeling work can be very helpful here because it is ideal to do enough to rein in the karmic impairment that is a kind of liability set in motion by having had multiple lifetimes of abuse and involvement with this perpetrator—that will have a secondary benefit in the current incarnation with respect to better maintaining physical health and wellbeing as well as the emotional stability. So an additional session on the same subject of the sexual abuse would add additional benefits to what has been done already. So this is a quite natural choice under those conditions because of the multiple traumas that have already taken place here.