DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolShe is wondering, was it selfish being a practitioner to do a Lightworker Healing Protocol session targeting herself as the client?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

It is never selfish to serve the self. It is a sacred duty to take care of your well-being as it nourishes the soul and will help your entire future materially. That, in turn, benefits not only you, but everyone you know or will come in contact with. The better you are as a person, the more complete, the more able to express and share love and accept this with delight from others, the more you serve your loved ones and the broader world by putting your energy forth. All activities will be enhanced by any healing done through the Protocol for oneself, so it is never inadvisable to target the self if that appears to be the highest priority or is simply desired out of concern.

We would say that using the Protocol as written in making the choice of primary target the self and leaving it at that, but still including the boilerplate requests to include all of the other groups the Protocol addresses is still important to do because there will be ample energy available. The primary client always gets first attention and that will not be hampered by including all the others as secondary targets, and to not do so would be a lost opportunity. Only in that case can you view a Protocol session as selfish if you do it knowing that you will not be underserved by including the other groups as well. To then exclude them, thinking that maybe you can eke out a little more special treatment would be in fact a diminishment of your intention because it would be then truly a selfish act in that regard and would incur a karmic penalty in addition. This is wholly unnecessary as you can be served while you are serving the broader community of souls in need and create a win-win by designating yourself as the primary target. This means all perceived feedback will focus on you and your particular needs and karmic history, so any desired information about things you wish to probe will be fully accessible and you can do as much or little of this as you wish.