DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersThe client further writes: “My concern is that from the time I received the healing I started getting very bad nightmares daily which has not happened before. I used to have random nightmares but never as frequent as this. I thought it was part of my cleansing and kept on praying. To my shock my daughter told me the same thing last Monday night, that she was getting bad nightmares for the last few days, and she described that she was being chased and then finally killed. She uses Creator’s prayers twice a day (as she is a university student) and doesn’t have as much time as me.” Why did this new problem start after the healing sessions that were done? What can be done to help her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This is an unfortunate consequence of intrusions on your consciousness to alter the mind through programming to make you more vulnerable. It is a consequence of being a targeted individual, one who has been singled out for manipulation and harsh treatment on a regular basis to weaken and sideline you. This is a kind of punishment and retribution from having been an important individual working for the light in a prior lifetime. The interlopers check the past history within the akashic records of every new human being who was born. Those who have been lightworkers in the past are considered dangerous to their aims in wanting to corrupt and harm humanity. And so, even as infants they will be targeted. This is done largely through spirit attachments working to undermine them within the subconscious mind on the deepest levels, to erode self-confidence, amplify fears, and interfere with their progress and happiness to achieve victory. When someone is experiencing chronic anxiety and bouts of fear, they are rewarded with greater energy influx for them to cope with that struggle, and spirits will siphon some of that energy for themselves. The additional downside is they are serving the darkness and limiting you in the doing. We mention this to help you understand that your situation has an explanation behind it, and all the pieces fit together to explain why you have struggled so during your lifetime, and why you are at a point in reaching despair with things never really changing for the better for any length of time. The reason for this is simple. You are on a list to receive punishment and you will be visited at intervals and checked out to see how things are going, and that assessment will oftentimes result in a fresh attack of some kind to make something new that is bad, spring up in your thoughts and feelings. Or you will have an impulse to do something that gets you in trouble. However they carry out the manipulation, it keeps this cycle going. The group of targeted individuals has an extra burden as it is not easy to rescue them from this treadmill of repeated setbacks and unpleasantness. Even as we speak, we are working behind-the-scenes as a continuation of the healing that has already been launched with the goal of getting you dropped from the list. That takes time, and even with that being a possibility, there is still a great deal of healing needed for all that has made you particularly vulnerable. That is not a quick fix either, and will take a concerted effort. So we have great sympathy for your plight here, and are feeling your channel's frustration as he encounters such victims and does his best to help turn things around. So you can know that help is on the way.