DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsThe former intelligence officer said the human condition is extremely predictable. People want to feel heard, they want to feel listened to, and they want to feel validated. He says feeding these desires can be automated, and the result will be people willingly selling out themselves, often without any awareness that they are doing so. Everything we’ve learned so far about influencing people seems to be fundamental tradecraft in how to motivate (by positive reinforcement) or manipulate (by negative reinforcement). For someone who wants to safeguard themselves from falling victim to this kind of influence, how helpful is it to learn and understand how one’s own emotions and human needs can be leveraged against them? What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago
We would say that history has taught humanity over and over again the power of propaganda, that yours is a world of coercion, manipulation, and misrepresentation, done for nefarious reasons as often as lofty goals, perhaps not using the highest and best means of gaining an advantage. What this goal represents, of ignoring people's feelings and need for validation, to make them simply something to be pandered to or manipulated to take advantage of, perhaps in gaining a stronger alliance by appearing to be sympathetic when the gesture is a hollow one to begin with. This description is a cold, calculating, and highly cynical acceptance of the exercise of power and control, to take advantage of people and not help them. We would say any benefit of doing so will be a hollow victory by generating a karmic liability of equal or greater magnitude as a trade-off. Your channel has been talking for years now about the universal use of mind control manipulation by forces of evil working against humanity from behind the scenes. They are largely in control of everything that truly matters in your world in terms of power and control, in setting the agenda, and this is why things are uniformly troubled and troubling. There cannot be true progress when so many are being fooled through manipulations of all kinds, sometimes a carrot, sometimes a stick, and often simple deception to mine people for information and, at the same time, plant seeds that will confuse and mislead and misdirect their subsequent actions. This causes wider problems that ripple outward and eventually makes everyone a perpetrator, if only through default, having been manipulated into supporting something unsavory, often in a hidden way but one that is ultimately very harmful to someone. There needs to be an awakening of what is truly happening in your world and how to do things better. It would be a powerful motivation for more to learn how frequently they are taken advantage of in this way. Human complacency is one of the greatest liabilities you are facing as a culture. That has been engineered to happen and orchestrated to keep in place. It is important to know that you can break free if you choose to do so.