DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsThe former intelligence officer shared that he was taught about the difference between perception and perspective. Perception is what you sense with your five senses (and maybe your sixth). But its range is narrow and its reliability poor. It operates on instinct and emotion, so you twitch when someone you don’t expect touches you, or you see a dark shadow and jump thinking it’s a rat when it’s really dirty laundry on the floor. Perspective is your knowing that you’ve never encountered a rat in your room and that the odds of it being a rat are tiny. He claims he was taught to favor perspective over perception. We know that past life trauma resonates and could be why you reacted as you did, and that in a past life that dark shape on the floor WAS a rat. But even if that is true, it is not true in the current place and timeframe. “Don’t trust your gut” was his message and to always question, if not doubt outright, your first emotional reaction to anything. What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago
This description is quite a lesson in treachery. This intelligence officer was clearly groomed to ignore his inner feelings when they are often the best indicator something is amiss that deserves a deeper look and perhaps a course correction. Cutting off your gut feeling means dimming down your intuition and that will take your conscience with it. In effect, the lesson is one of learning to follow orders no matter what one's personal perspective might be. This is quite a propaganda lesson in manipulation because what is clearly happening is he was being manipulated to adopt the perspective of his overseers in preference to his own, and when that perspective was embracing the inclusion of immoral goals and activities, in effect, this training was, in its way, preparing the intelligence officer for a life of crime, not perhaps breaking the law as defined on a human level so much as breaking divine law to do things out of alignment that are not in balance in following divine principles. The first of these is, "Raise up the self without harm to others and raise up others without harm to the self." Taken seriously, and in strict measure, this alone leaves little wiggle room to carry out most intelligence work as done by human agencies.