DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmThe viewer continues: “Sylvia Browne talked at great lengths about Father God and Mother God. She also described Heaven in much detail: Hall of Wisdom, Hall of Justice, Hall of Records, Hall of Research, Temple of Learning, the Temple of Mother God (Azna), the Temple of Father God, and more. She also delved into the topics of death and transition, describing the Other Side, our activities once there, the Council of Elders, and so on. Did Sylvia Browne truly connect with the divine realm, or was she influenced by interlopers?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

In actuality, both things happened for her. She was a true psychic who was able to channel her spirit guide, and thus become privy to much information about the workings of the universe. But, as is true of all channelers, she underestimated the need for scrupulous attention to safety and did become corrupted and her ideas distorted as a consequence. This was done tactically to introduce some false notions along the way, so much of the time she was talking to the divine level, but on occasion there would be an imposter who would step in to distort a certain concept in her thinking, and thus corrupt her following because they would see the whole as appealing and feel, intuitively, it is valid.

The divine connection and communication was, in addition, constrained by her level of understanding and knowledge she enjoyed. The divine cannot lead, so the burden is on the seeker of truth to know as much as possible about an issue at hand, and to think creatively about possibilities in explaining something that is poorly understood in order to gain a greater awareness of reality. If the channeler does not work at this, the channeled information will be meager in its value to extend the knowledge significantly further. So this is something to keep in mind, that as she pictured things in her thoughts about how the divine realm might work, this could not be overridden by the divine because she would often assume she was correct, that it was true, and the divine could not tell her otherwise and abrogate her free will choices to believe in what she wanted to believe. There is an art in doing channeling. People with strong beliefs and convictions can make poor channelers because the rigidity of their thinking works against them in providing barriers to receiving divine instruction and greater knowledge. So this was a factor in her work in only being able to advance so far in what she learned and how she described and relayed it to others.