DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: With the recent LHP enhancements concerning diet, asking Creator to provide what is missing from the food, is it not necessary to take vitamin or mineral supplements, provided we are making the effort to maintain a healthy diet?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

We would not suggest people depart from any practice that can be advantageous for their health and well-being just as we would not tell you to buy the cheapest possible food and only eat half the normal amount a person of your age and size requires as a way to economize and rely on your Protocol work to make up the shortfall. There needs to be reasonable attention given to basic human need and be mindful of your responsibility to do your best in all respects, with the divine realm’s support as being a bonus, as a safety net when there are things beyond your control.

So this request in the Protocol was designed to correct for deficiencies that occur unavoidably due to ignorance, lack of information about nutritional quality, or even particular needs of the body for some nutritional substances, without knowing the precise analysis of one’s intake with respect to all of the constituents in their ratios by category, and where they might be on a day-to-day basis with regard to energy and nutritional demand from the body itself, and how what ingests meets or falls short, or is perhaps in excess in some respects. To have a sense of not needing to take precautions for the natural deficiencies one is aware of, but rely on the divine realm to do that for you, has risks inherent in this strategy.

We do expect people to strive to be their best in all departments and that means using common sense, using your awareness and knowledge of what the body needs for well-being and health, and doing all you can to provide those needs yourself. This is no different than learning and other things needed for growth—you cannot simply be passive and have such benefits bestowed. There must be effort taken. We can inspire, we can assist, we can help enhance and help to strengthen, and help to make information come your way, but you must seek it. You must want it. You must employ yourself effectively as a learner, as a doer, as a seeker, as a change agent, and as a force for good as you move about and engage with the world, and that also means laying the foundation through maintaining the body, practicing good hygiene, as well as getting adequate fresh water, nutritious food, sunshine, and exercise.

The addition to the Protocol is truly designed to be a kind of insurance policy for when humans do their best but the best is not good enough—that is where we can truly come in. If you willfully neglect an area of your well-being through a conscious choice to be indifferent or to take advantage of greater convenience, in some respect, to skip necessary steps in providing for your food and beverage intake with high-quality sources in adequate amounts as best you can, you are taking a risk in assuming the divine realm will automatically fill in what is needed. We expect people to meet us halfway, to do their part, and then we are more than happy to add onto what humans achieve to have an added measure of completeness.