DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsThere is growing concern about the fate of farmers and those living in a wide swath exposed to the chemical fallout of the fire and contaminated water sources following the Palestine, Ohio train derailment. How serious will the damage be to future crops from that land, and long-term health consequences of chemical exposure from air, water, and direct contact with contaminated materials now a part of the environment for those living under that cloud?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago
This is more than theoretical and has already started on the part of much wildlife, as evidenced by die-offs of fish and mammals in the vicinity, including farm animals and people's pets. They are more vulnerable than humans in often being exposed continually, being outdoors, and bore the brunt of exposure in the initial hours as many were unable to flee beyond their immediate habitat, whereas humans will escape a toxic cloud that makes them sense a noxious odor, let alone irritation of the upper airways, as a first sign of warning. The long-term consequences are yet to be seen and we do not want to mount a dire prediction here but only to say there is much to be done in the way of cleanup, as well as the need for mounting a serious and concerted effort in mounting prayer, by any and all human beings wanting an improvement and protection for those still in harm's way. In the end, that is the only practical way to deal with such a catastrophe. Large-scale contamination, as with Love Canal and other sites, such as a nuclear plant leakage of radioactive outgassing, can be extremely costly to mitigate and can keep an area dangerous to inhabit for years. There will be health consequences for many heavily exposed to the chemicals and their byproducts, and this will mount over time because many of the effects will require time to manifest symptoms. This is always a danger because it is hard to police such things given that land owners have roots in place and want to continue to live in their homes, and so on, and may underestimate the dangers, through ignorance, as well as some wishful thinking reinforced by complacency engineered through mind control. That is the story behind the questionable decision to try to burn off the chemicals, as well as the slow follow-up by federal authorities, the initial refusal to bring in FEMA employees to begin a process of containment, and so forth. Mind control was used to make people in a position of authority complacent and confused and conflicted about taking action, resulting in serious delays and ill-considered actions that could not be recalled once underway. This is a repeating pattern associated with many tragedies in the news about things that are unforeseen and then handled poorly in the aftermath.