DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationWas my client’s dog, [Name withheld], a reincarnation of her prior dog, [Name withheld], and a divinely arranged reunion so they could be together?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago
We are delighted to share with you that this was indeed orchestrated from first to last, to have this exact matching brought about courtesy of the divine realm in answer to prayers, and a desire of the parties involved to be back together again because the bonds of love are strong and highly meaningful. Love is the purpose of the universe, so wherever love is on display and made an investment between individuals, even if one of them is a companion animal and not human, that love will have power and will be honored and supported by the divine realm to bring benefits of many kinds to those parties who care about one another. That is the reason it is so supported and these things happen, it is not simply to bring back a beloved pet to a person whose caring for them is being honored with a return engagement, there is a larger purpose in bringing back together beings who truly love one another deeply, because that love bond becomes a superhighway that will let love flow and bring it into existence within the earth plane where it is sorely needed. After all, that is the mission of both humans and the companion animals, to bring love to bear on the problem of evil and, as such, people need all the love they can get, and even just being in the presence of love, perhaps enjoyed by neighbors, will have secondary benefits and the human family eventually will share in the joys experienced by the two parties involved in such a wonderful reunion because of the interconnectedness of souls who have come together to share their journey.