DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWas the commercialization and heavy promotion of bottled water done for a sinister reason, and if so, what was the purpose and who or what was behind it?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This was not simply crass commercialism. The reason it has not been done on a very large scale in the past is because most areas having supermarkets and grocery stores, have an infrastructure providing plentiful drinking water available for free. So it is not cost-effective, except for situations like being on the road, to need bottled water available. The promotion on a larger scale with all of the upfront marketing that was expensive and a kind of loss-leader was done for sinister reasons, to create interest in this and a growing dependence, promoting the idea that bottled water is pure compared to much drinking water. And then the added convenience of having portability and ready availability in one’s purse or briefcase for use during long meetings or other activities, such as sporting events and so on.

This provides convenience to be sure, but this does not have to be purchased commercially. One could simply buy containers and use water from home when out and about. After all, it is easier to obtain water from the tap than go to a store and buy bottled water. We would say that if the local tap water is not truly suitable for drinking because it is unpalatable, if not truly considered unsafe, this is a warning that one is much better off obtaining a water filter to remove the noxious substances as there will be water involved in cooking most likely, that is used without thought because it is being diluted with other things that mask the bad taste of the water.

So the growing dependency, as public drinking fountains are less and less maintained and provided for, is an encroachment of thinking that water is not a right and not a public service needing to be offered at all. So this movement is doubly sinister by not only promoting a commercial product out of a readily available resource but discouraging ready availability of the resource through infrastructure that has existed through its creation in the modern era in most civilized communities. This trend is sinister because the water being sold commercially can be doctored without the public realizing it in a much more efficient way by anyone wanting to add a contaminant for whatever reason—it could be to undermine health, it could be as a delivery vehicle for extraterrestrial microchips for mind control, all of which is done at one time or another.

In addition to which, it is farther and farther away from nature. There are things about water that are truly special. In addition to having consciousness, it has within it a lifeforce that is unique and unappreciated by science as yet. This has a positive interplay with the body, but when water is stagnant and kept away from the atmosphere, it degrades in terms of this special quality, so the bottled water is a truly inferior product in addition to not knowing its true origin and whether it has been tainted in some way.