DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmWas the Exodus and the eruption of Santorini and Moses Mountain (and presumably other volcanos in the region as well) part of a wider agenda to annihilate or cripple humanity – and was Divine Intervention actively involved in preserving human life and human civilization?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This too is correct and is not in conflict with the story of Exodus being a divine rescue. The volcanic eruptions in question were done by the manipulation of Earth forces by using the technology of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to disrupt human culture and cause massive casualties. This is something they have done over and over through time, with reckless disregard for consequences, and can at times come close to annihilating an entire people, or all present within a wide region of the Earth. This is not hard to achieve with a severe volcanic eruption alone when a massive cloud of volcanic ash reaches the stratosphere and may persist for a prolonged interval and cause a kind of nuclear winter, so to speak, to interrupt weather patterns and safety of humans. That was the case here and was done in juxtaposition with other planning of the Extraterrestrial Alliance simply as part of their heavy-handed inflicting of evil actions often causing casualties. It was not a mass annihilation to reach totality, but was quite devastating in its own right, and was attenuated at least, by divine intervention.

This can always be done if there is a human need, and a human desire, and a human outreach to request assistance. That was the case here. There were enough believers to mount requests for help that were answered and helped preserve life to a much greater degree than would otherwise be the case.