DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerWe had a detailed discussion with you about the importance of specificity in making prayer requests to the effect that a general prayer request for health would do very little without the human understanding more deeply the nature of their difficulty and what might be needed even to correct it, hence the importance of using something like the Lightworker Healing Protocol when asking for healing. In that context, how can your recommended general prayer be effective for healing with the words: “Source Creator, help me keep my body safe and strong in all ways by making healthy choices, and seek those things that reward and support a long and happy life. Correct all inner discord and signs of illness within, according to my highest good.”
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The question here is really to what extent something beneficial can be done in the absence of sophisticated knowledge, because a general prayer is for the masses. The ideal for every human would be to study the Lightworker Healing Protocol to fully understand its component parts, the intention involved to direct each request for maximum benefit, and to understand how the pieces fit together into a broader picture, and the many ins and outs of working with the divine realm to accomplish healing. Even with a straightforward Protocol such as this, in many cases people will not be motivated to look more deeply, and with the constraints imposed by money and lack of keen interest to spend the time and effort to absorb 160 pages of material, most of your viewers will be quite in the dark about what can be accomplished through the Protocol and so will have no other way to shape their own prayer requests.

This is the next best thing, to give them a generic prayer that at least has the correct perspective with regard to the standing of human compared to the divine so there is sufficient empowerment of the self built in, and to request the main elements that will bring the greatest potential benefit for the object of the prayer. Granted, by being generic they will also be less powerful than if they had a series of detailed instructions covering all possible sources of difficulty in their origins and the means to bring in healing to bear. That is what distinguishes the lightworker using your Protocol versus someone simply having good intentions and wanting some divine assistance for a fellow sufferer. The latter can be done, and is an important aspect of human betterment, because prayers are generated across the globe by many thousands of individuals each and every day and they will be acted on to the extent allowable. So something is better than nothing, and we can imbue the prayer delivered with extra healing in some cases.

When we know there is a desire within for certain things, even though unstated, we can put two and two together and come up with four in some cases. This is particularly so when things are at a potential tipping point and there must be some extra divine grace gifted to help make up for a shortfall and prevent a catastrophic event from happening. You cannot count on this to save the day if you are going to clearly fall short in standing up to the interlopers, but if things are head-to-head, that is where we can make some allowances for the attempt and these prayers will have tremendous value in that scenario. In the meantime, we can make many things happen from simple prayer requests, so they are always worth doing, but a highly specific request will likewise always accomplish more.