DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerYou answered a question in the affirmative that it was a good idea in our recommended client Prayer of Protection, to expand a request for their family’s safety to include all of humanity as well. Why wouldn’t including the bulk of humanity dilute their prayer’s effectiveness, as you’ve indicated is a problem with praying for many targets?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is not a problem in the context of making a prayer request, as the first priority, for a particular person or group of individuals. It is sort of like indicating that any extra energy can be sent further. So you can make distinctions among people that we cannot. And that is why if you leave it to us to send healing out to the human collective—we cannot play favorites, we cannot do the women and children first, we cannot save the savable and not expend energy on those who might be too far gone to be salvageable with the level of healing you can summon as a human being. So that is a different matter when you choose what to do with your energy—you can establish criteria, you can set priorities any way you wish and the divine realm will follow your lead. So the assumption we make in the context of this question is that healing is desired for the client, then their family as a whole, and then beyond that the larger pool of humanity, to the extent further energy is available, and from there it would be dispensed equally, without any further specific instructions to favor certain subsets of humanity over others. That would be an option, of course, but is simply not included at this point. So there is no contradiction here. It is a question of who is establishing the criteria.