DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)We have had a request to help someone to cross over who is currently comatose and on life support. Can people request that of the divine realm and under what circumstances will it be acted on? When is that appropriate?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

We would never restrict prayer under any circumstances for any need. Prayers intending to cause harm to will not be acted on, but anything intending to help can be often shaped to suit the particular need, and even if this is unknown may still be addressed using the energy of the prayer and repurposing it. Many people become trapped and tethered to a nonfunctioning body. This in itself is a tragedy for that consciousness which yearns to break free but cannot. It is a kind of prison. Being released is a blessing. So to give encouragement for the being in that dilemma is a high calling. As a channeler, you can be a bridge between the parties to truly let that person know their loved ones are wishing them well and sending their love and wanting them to transition safely by returning to the light and give them some coaching and some healing to raise their vibration. Then Light Callers can be summoned and if the soul is willing to let go, the individual may well transition then and there. It is not much different than doing a spirit rescue except there is an energy anchor in place that must be dealt with, that can be surrendered voluntarily when the spirit of the individual is ready. You can help to facilitate this.