DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWe know everything the Extraterrestrial Alliance does is intended to weaken us in some way. Why have they carried out periodic mass shootings by manipulating someone to do the deed using mind control? Is this, in fact, intended to make the public cooperate with gun confiscation and governmental outlawing of firearms, to leave the public defenseless as an aid to the coming annihilation of humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 1 day ago

This, indeed, is the method to the madness here. They want to make people fear gun owners and gun ownership as all too likely to backfire. This is why so many mass shootings occur. It is not simply to kill people, although that is seen is a benefit by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. The major reason is to create a climate of fear and to promote more widespread gun control and eventual confiscation of firearms from citizens, by ramping up misdeeds to the point where people feel it must be the lesser of evils to have guns removed from society altogether, so it becomes harder for people to kill one another when it is so easy, with pulling a trigger and letting a bullet do the work. But there is a reason there is a Second Amendment proclaiming gun ownership as a right. The reason for guns to exist in the first place is they are a human answer to the presence of evil, in order to give a gun owner a fighting chance against a larger, stronger, more vicious opponent, especially if they attack in groups to plunder and destroy. To be sure, widespread gun ownership has its problems. There are many accidental gun deaths, as in children finding a revolver in a bedside drawer and playing with it, not realizing its lethal potential, and people hearing a noise in the night and firing at a presumed intruder and killing a loved one. But this is true of any kind of technology, that it might present danger. You see that in use of electricity. You see it in having automobiles that travel at high speed and make travel efficient and economically feasible for the masses, at the expense of occasional accidents and even pedestrians being struck and killed on occasion. Gun ownership is no different.

While we do not advocate or wish to see death ever, at the hands of anyone for any reason, yours is a harsh and brutal world with lowered standards to begin with. So there are benefits in maintaining the will to survive and the will to fight back against oppressors. We are not wanting to promote an uprising nor turning to lethal means to settle disputes, or even for self-defense, but they are simply a feature and byproduct of the reality of existence for you and all you take on, and this is how things have developed within the culture. Taking them away and leaving you defenseless and using a powerful campaign that constitutes a reign of terror to bring that about is not an answer either, for making the world a better place but more likely to end in your demise. So given the mixed history of widespread gun availability, it is better to have this as a disincentive to the annihilation than to surrender meekly to your oppressors and make yourselves completely defenseless.