DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWe know in the Milky Way Galaxy that we all live in a free-will zone. Yet from the human perspective, because the life of the whale is severely limited in its capacity to affect and alter its environment the way humans can, that would seem to put quite a damper on “free will” expression. Assuming there are whale-like physical beings outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, what are the key differences experienced by whales in the Milky Way versus outside of it?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

As with all creatures residing within the Milky Way Galaxy, whales are much more at risk of something negative happening to them than would be true of being in other galaxies, and this is because of the special arrangement whereby the Law of Karma is delayed in order to give a temporary reprieve allowing a freer range of choices through which the beings within the Milky Way Galaxy can have greater freedom of movement and choices in how they use their energy without having an immediate corrective action to occur through the Law of Cause and Effect or, as we often describe it, the Law of Karma. As a consequence, whales are living in an environment that puts them automatically at risk of other species and themselves as well from making riskier choices and being subject to reckless conduct by other organisms and species, who may interact with the environment whales inhabit or with them directly. Outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, anyone harming a whale-type creature would receive an immediate corrective energy from the Law of Karma, but as this is not the case within the Milky Way Galaxy, whales must endure the consequences of poor judgment and other faulty thinking that puts pressure on them directly and sometimes severely as with being hunted to near extinction.