DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWe know this is presumptuous, but for the Soul Matrix Healing, is there a need to add a column for divine beings, including angelics and perhaps even Creator, who may have indirectly caused karmic harm in attempting to balance energies for so many, many, many, people?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This is extremely astute and we applaud you yet again for your creative genius. These things do in fact happen. While the true believers may regard the divine realm as incapable of error and beyond question or reproach, we can assure you that mistakes are made and are largely due to oversight, but in the complexity of all the interactions that take place there are times when compromises are made out of practical necessity, and the benefit to one may be a downside for another as an indirect consequence in shifting of energy or resources to someone in greater need. These inadvertent woundings are usually minor in nature, but can add to the overall negativity of a person through time, and there are occasions when this may spiral in a significant way to cause greater harm than was gained, by creating the imbalance inadvertently. This can happen with light beings interacting with earth plane including the angelics, and including the Creator as well.

These are often errors of omission rather than errors of commission, but nonetheless, karma being what it is, will assign the responsibility accordingly, and the nature of the complexity being dealt with is the further complication of when to make amends. So this usually is done in a way that ends up to be satisfactory, but in the meantime, a person who has been caught with some unintended fallout or backlash from a divine intervention may undergo difficulty or even suffering as a consequence prior to obtaining the healing resolution, which might come quite a bit later because of other priorities and contingencies to not cause further misalignments. So these consequences are always noticed, but may not be undone immediately because, after all, they were created in service to a higher need. And so that consequence for those on the losing end of the exchange may well have to be borne for a time until things can be brought back into alignment ultimately for them. This will always happen and we will always see to it, but in the interim, suffering can happen and so there can be appeals for a quicker resolution launched from the human side and that will again be taken seriously and will count, as a human request carries great weight and this is honored.

You can cause a major shift to come back into a readjustment that puts you at an even par with another recipient of divine grace, and then have some immediate restitution or rebalancing because the human requests will override our sense of what is needed, because of the importance of human intention and direct interaction with us as an expression of true desire and utilization of the power humans hold within. If humans choose to not learn and grow and become aware of possibilities and ignore the power they have, they will be the losers and the divine realm cannot make up the deficit. But if someone does reach out with awareness and wanting something specific to happen to their benefit, that is given its due even if it will cause them to be favored over another. This may undo an imbalance created by the divine realm as an indirect response to a human request. Such indirect requests will usually be overridden by a direct request.

That is the benefit of the healing Protocol. Because it is explicit in what is wanted, it carries great weight and will usually out-shout a vague request for help. This is analogous to the truism that the race is to the swift when one judges by who reaches the finish line first. It is simply another yardstick for judging the strength of a request coming from the human side. The request with greater precision, focus, and specificity, all other things being equal with regard to belief quotient self-worth, and being appealed to the divine directly, the request with greater precision and specificity will be given preference. This is simply a function of energetics and a part of the overall mechanism that governs karma as well. It is akin to a law physics, so it is like one force meeting another, in which case the greater force will overwhelm the lesser.