DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaWe noticed that we missed this question Sunday night. Why was Santa Rosa California chosen as a location for the fire storm attack?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This is a combination of karma and human deliberate planning, as well as the extraterrestrials making their final decisions in how to deploy their technology to bring about this catastrophe. There always must be some contribution from nature to support an undertaking of this kind. So Santa Rosa was in the heart of an area sufficiently arid at the present time to offer plenty of tinder for a fire to take hold and spread on its own. To be sure, it had help all along the way by the application of external energy. There were also elements of human corruption within the local government. This is always true as well. There are always a combination of manipulations that go into any enterprise of this kind because there are always multiple purposes. One is to cause harm and to be a setback and a burden financially and emotionally on humanity. And this is why there is so much suffering and mayhem in many locations simultaneously. But the corruption involved in having humans participate in increasing the damage, must take advantage of the current state of affairs in local authorities, and the agencies charged with protecting the populace as first responders. There are often political gains to be made that may favor certain individuals if there is a natural disaster that impairs an enemy of theirs but leaves their property untouched. This can also be used as a way to reward individuals that are serving the Cabal.

And then there are people themselves who contribute to what takes place through their own energies. Their consciousness will govern to some extent what happens and where it spreads, and to what extent the damage is greatest or the least, in the range of possible consequences. So those who live in fear and negativity will be attracting the energy of darkness in all respects. And this would include certainly, a negative energy coming through nature, particularly one that is artificially engineered by dark beings with a dark purpose behind it. It is an energy of death they send forth always with any undertaking of this kind. It is not a gentle object lesson to wake people up. It is done with death in mind. The fact that more death does not happen is not from them not having requisite skill or a sufficient intensity of desire. It is a combination of choosing to play a game but staying within certain bounds to not arise suspicion, as well as the consequences for the humans involved and the level to which they sign on unwittingly and contribute negative energy, and in a sense, in some ways offer themselves up to be victims. This is not their direct doing. It is often the limits they are placing on divine realm to be a counterposing force.

So if a natural disaster is engineered by the extraterrestrials, if they are targeting a highly spiritual community that is aligned with Creator and wanting safety and Creator’s love to always be present and protecting all who live there, it will be harder for the extraterrestrial energies to be brought to bear fully because the divine realm has ways to deflect these things, to have an influence on even the planning involved. If people are disconnected from us, then in a sense they are the proverbial sitting ducks, and we are powerless to bring divine help for them because they are not choosing it. We understand they may not realize they have a choice, but that is part of the test for them. Having been corrupted and misdirected, will enough be awakened and be courageous to bring forward the teaching to re‑enlist those who have drifted away, to return to the fold and embrace the divine once again, and thereby raise themselves up and have more guidance, help, support, and protection in the bargain? So we do not wish to blame the victims here you understand, but there is always an interplay of energies and humans are not all alike. There are many, many wonderful people in this area and they are indeed among the more intelligent and spiritually focused but more through intention than in terms of execution in a way that is meaningful. So this is not to take away from their worth. This is merely to illustrate with a real-world example that if you choose to live through human love, you will live and die within the reach of only human love.

The extraterrestrials are not affected by human love and will simply roll over it. And their technology will prevail because the physics make this so. The love energy and love power you have and enjoy as physical beings have limits in terms of the reach of its energy. The power of the awakened heart is limitless but only because it aligns with us and we are limitless, you are not. Even though you are from us you are separate from us, and never more so than when you are in the physical as a small expression of your own soul. It is much like going forth under battery power and your opposition runs the power station with the 250000 volts at its disposal. Who do you think will win in a physical contest? You cannot turn back the fires that rage, through love. You can turn back the power that fires that rage if you reach out with your love to us and ask us to join with you to add love fuel to your desired outcome. This is what we are saying. This is a real-world choice. But you must choose, you must do this actively, not as a fleeting thought or gesture, but as a deliberate decision that you make and then put into action. Humans choose every day to be active or passive. It is all up to you. You can be impervious. You can grow in strength and be shielded from any adversity. But that requires a very, very high level of divine linking and being on a level of awareness with no restrictions and no limitations. This is the goal of the shift in consciousness to bring this enlightenment forth. Few are approaching those levels as yet.

Many are doing well but there is much room for further growth. And with the deception and corruption, many are worthy and capable but have allowed themselves to be misdirected into false approaches that leave them essentially twiddling their thumbs, and not taking the action needed. So it is no different than wanting your house to be okay, if you smell smoke, and focusing on that safety with your thoughts, or dialing 911 and reporting that observation to someone who can make a physical real-world difference. We always suggest doing the pragmatic and the prosaic because it is simpler. And it may be swifter than a divine response, but it need not end there. A further prayer for assistance to help anyone in need because of what is happening will have an effect. We guarantee this. It may not save them. It may not save you. There are many, many forces that need to be balanced from moment to moment in everything that happens. Each person individually has a certain reach. But many, many others will weigh in with thoughts and desires of their own and they cannot simply be ignored to benefit any one personally. But those reaching out to the light will get the help of the light. Those who do not reach out will not be helped. This is the tough test that is underway.