DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfWe understand that the Higher Self is interposed between a person in the physical, and their soul, and communicates with us via the intuitive gateway. Is the Higher Self also an extension of each individual soul as opposed to a separate divine being serving in that capacity to help us?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

We can confirm for you that the Higher Self is part of the self and is as a soul extension in its own right. As such, it represents the soul more than the portion in the physical experience, who has been shaped and molded by starting fresh at birth and then being buffeted about through parental handling, the influence of siblings, and many, many, others as the individual engages with life and the current culture. This is how human beings as you know them can become so very distorted in their thinking, whether being corrupt and engaging in harmful conduct, or being self-denying or self-destructive in many ways because of harboring negativity, or inflicting that on others. All are manifestations of the corrupting influence of spirit meddler interference and the interlopers running the world on the part of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. All have a hand in contaminating the human experience for the worse.