DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWere special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his staff manipulated with mind control to make them believe the Trump campaign colluded with Russia? Did this influence their judgment and lead to their dogged determination to keep going with their investigation, despite lack of evidence, for a full two years?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You finally got around to this nuance, which illustrates the power of conditioning. This special counsel, in the case of Robert Mueller, was billed at the outset as the supreme candidate because of his long effective service and his evenhanded temperament and adherence to justice and truth and having a stellar reputation that was agreed to on both ends of the political spectrum. So everyone was expecting a thorough and dispassionate assessment of whether there was wrongdoing, and by whom, and with the full resources of the FBI, the world’s premier detective agency, it would soon become clear who was responsible for this election debacle and then bring the guilty to justice.

But sadly, it is also true that to the extent the accusers have already jumped to a foregone conclusion of guilt on the part of President Trump and his administration, and those working on his campaign, that there was collusion, the same programming was done to Robert Mueller and his team to make them zealous in their efforts all the while knowing there was never any such crime. But this would contribute to maintaining the guise of this being a worthwhile enterprise of the greatest possible significance and guarantee that it would be drawn out, and increase anguish, and raise hopes to ever higher peaks of excitement and anticipation, knowing that as the team was still working, still working, still working, there must be many leads still needing to be run down to their very beginnings and many shady characters investigated, and things probed in a vast network perhaps of collusion and conspiracy with the darkest of intentions and many high-level sophisticated players who were wily, and required great effort to unearth them and expose their doings, and so on, none of which was true. But the illusion of a goal that seemed certain kept them at the grindstone working well beyond the point they exhausted any early leads and were totally engaged in a fantasy and a make-work project.

This shows the effectiveness of mind control manipulation, that once people believe something is true, that governs everything that happens and will shade it in the way needed to cause great trouble for all involved. It is not easily dismissed because beliefs are the boilerplate that run your lives and you cannot ignore them for long. They will come back around and demand a realignment of thinking. So hearing the truth will typically not stick for long, and will slip away, and the person will refocus on faulty beliefs and resist attempts to change their thinking.