DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceWhat are the consequences of not embracing and expressing virtues in our thoughts and actions? Can you explain how people become misguided, and the consequences of failing to live virtuously?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

There is an endgame—an end goal for humanity. Once you have progressed as a collective sufficiently to warrant a further ascension of capability into a new mode of existence, this can only happen when all have achieved a similar degree of development in achieving divine alignment. At this point, with all that has come before with human failing, negativity, and discord experienced to such a high degree, the level of wounding and karmic baggage it produces is reaching a critical level that can truly move you backwards, if you are not careful, as a group. Each person is important to the whole and the enterprise depends on all reaching readiness. The consequence, therefore, of each person choosing a dark path are not only severe for themselves but harm all others as well, compounding the crime, so to speak. This puts rather a heavy burden on each person to not give in to failure, doubt, fear, and temptation. The stakes are simply too high to risk all that can happen through becoming corrupted and making dark choices, especially for a prolonged period of time as all too often happens with what turns out to be what seems a wasted life.

Even though we would argue there is no such thing because all learn from what happens, even if there is a prolonged downturn to drag one back for an extended interval, even of multiple lifetimes, there is nonetheless a path back to the light and to greater understanding and the mistakes will become a kind of blessing in disguise for the teaching will be very great from having experienced these things directly oneself and then surmounting them will become a tremendous achievement and a strengthening that will make the person better than ever. The overall difficulty is when so many get so far behind that the whole of humanity languishes—this creates overall risk with too many being out of alignment and, therefore, vulnerable. So if each attends to their own life and helps their brethren in the bargain, that is all you can ask of yourself and we can ask of you to do, but this must be a conscious, willful choice and will involve some sacrifice of time and effort as well in the doing.