DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat can my client [name withheld] do to improve her situation, being at the mercy of a neighbor who dislikes her, and recently blocked her driveway so she couldn’t go anywhere for an entire weekend, and then mocked her?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Once again, this client is proving to be her own worst enemy by projecting weakness in her energetic signature. This is a direct consequence of what is in her thoughts always—she is always ready to cave, always ready to give in and give up, always ready to find fault with herself in some fashion, and always questions whether she has rights and has the standing to question or complain. This is perceived readily by many other people, including this mean-spirited neighbor who makes a good perpetrator because he has honed his antenna to help warn him when those in his way might be a formidable obstacle or not as the case may be. And if he is inconsiderate to someone who is weak, he may turn on them again and compound the insult by attacking them.

The danger in this is becoming a habit of manipulation and torment done for spite, done for a kind of perverted guilty pleasure in making someone squirm and thereby feeling powerful. This is the act of a person well out of balance and needing divine intervention to restore a more loving perspective once again. This is a tall order in the case of the individual in question because he is quite disturbed and there is nothing in his life to bring him joy to turn things around, to misdirect or distract him even from his petty annoyances, and this makes for a dangerous and volatile situation because the littlest thing can set him off and this has been her experience all along with him. Being a single woman of small stature and a placid nature, she is no match in standing up to such a person and she has no allies who will stand with her. That can become quite a dilemma as the society at large is ill-equipped to deal adequately with these situations either. Law enforcement will not act unless a crime has been committed. The crime may well be a brutal attack or even her death at the worst extreme possible.

The need here is to have things dampened down and not be ratcheting up with intensity so he can redirect his energies towards something or someone else and be less bent on causing her harm. Prayer work will be very productive here as well as your continued support to work on the both of them to bring more healing to bear. This is the ultimate answer—to have both back in alignment living on a divine path and untroubled. That will take quite some doing in both cases here. In a way, they are a perfect match because both are quite out of alignment—one harms the self, the other harms others and needs someone to pick on, so for a bully, she is a perfect neighbor because she will be handy and will be encountered at regular intervals, and then another episode can take place which provides an outlet for his dark energy. We will do all we can to help in this situation, so if you keep the requests coming and she does as well, things can work out here.