DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat chronic emotional problems can be induced or perpetuated by cellular memory?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

It can trigger karmic reawakenings and emotional symptoms by becoming a burden if it is a physical malady, depending on cellular memory getting in the way of normal function, limiting life experience, and even causing threat to earning a living or interfering with a relationship by becoming a burden to a life partner, for example. So this can be a chicken and egg problem all of its own because illness itself is stressful, the appearance of disease symptoms is a stressor, and so it is those conditions that are perceptible that are at greatest risk of becoming highly dependent on cellular memory for their continuation, and worsening, and persistence even in the face of otherwise effective healing attempts by allowing the consciousness of bodily cells to sign on to the task of keeping an illness or dysfunction going. This strengthens the forces allied against the person with their body beginning to undermine them, and this is a very common scenario where the person cannot get out from under its consequences because the problems can be severe enough to be debilitating, and seemingly insurmountable by being unresponsive to treatments. So this is a significant liability for many, many people.