DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsWhat do you foresee happening to the dollar price of gold and gold mining stocks on average, if the gold reset takes place as scheduled?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
What we see is that gold will be reset on an overnight basis more than 10 times the prior day's spot price and this could reach as high as 20 times, depending on the final decisions for the reset specifications themselves. That will be a tactical decision closer to the event itself. But we can tell you that all of the future timelines we are looking at show a continued advance in the gold price following the reset, as the world has an immediate wakeup call that gold is money after all, and will be a key foundation for the financial system going forward. As such, there will be a rush to accumulate gold in any form as a way to get out of fiat money. The relative scarcity of gold that makes it precious will result in a stampede to buy anything dependent on the gold price directly, especially gold mining stocks. The rare coin market is a tiny, tiny, sliver of even the existing gold holdings that, in turn, are only a very small percent of capital worldwide. That will change, because so many investors will want to have a gold position as they see the handwriting on the wall. With the start of a mania to acquire exposure that will be triggered worldwide, that run on gold, so to speak, will accelerate the price for some time before there is a significant retracement. Eventually, buyers will get exhausted and there will be some selling, and that is the discussion we can have later on about cashing in any windfall. What we are wanting to emphasize in this answer is that you need not fear making investments in the sector of any kind, because across the board, gold will be magic.