Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

Love has many flavors, many origins, many partners, many means of expression, and many functions. It is a useful term for all that is part of divine consciousness, in all of its manifestations. Everything in the universe comes from love. If love is not present, it is the issue and responsibility of all in awareness of this, to rework things to counterbalance this dilemma. So, the purpose of the universe is expression of love by the Creator, and that creation is the intention to spread love in manifest ways, in a variety of forms, and to have the love expand. And this requires the expansion of everything that is created, in some way or another, slowly or rapidly. This is how the universe proceeds. It is expanding, it is creating new worlds, it is bringing forth life in a continual way, and that life is changing as well, as species come and go for many reasons and for a variety of needs. Love is completion, love is a state of perfection, love is a state of joy and bliss, because when perfection is experienced it satisfies every need. And by the absence of lack, the absence of pain, the absence of suffering, there can be the fullest measure of those opposite features including bliss, joy, and happiness, in all forms and all varieties. This is why love is central to everything because it is in the make-up of everything. Every difficulty, every dilemma is in some respect a shortage of love, a twisting of love, a subversion of love, a withdrawal of love or a selective application of love to perhaps favor one over another. Ego is in a crude sense, the enjoyment of love for the self, but it is, at once, a perversion because that self‑love will separate the recipient from others. And so, it is taking love away from one’s soul, to honor the self to excess. Everything can be expressed as love energy, whether present, absent, needed or misapplied, or squandered.

It is useful to think of everything in this way, because it is the answer to every question. It is sort of like money being transferable and used to represent almost anything that can be exchanged or purchased. And the transfer of any physical object to another can be arranged through an energetic transfer in the form of currency in whatever form is popular at the present moment. Love is like this as well. Love is the basis for all. It is the origin of humans. It is the reason for their existence. Love brought them into life, love breathes life into them in every moment. Love is creating a highway to the future of humanity, and the bliss and joy are already installed, and vibrating, and awaiting them, to come in their new playground. Love will be the conveyance to transport humans to their new home. They will be riding a love train, in a sense, a love frequency. This is what ascension will involve. It is the application of love energy to raise everything up at once. It is a force with a million colors, a million flavors, a million sounds, a million sensations, a million desires, a million thrills, and a million joys beyond imagining. It is the greatest of experiences and the greatest of gifts. When you are in the astral realm with Creator, the love will be beyond description from human perspective. This, to us, is the order of things and you are experiencing, largely, absence of love, in your realm presently, and in your personal lives. Love is scant, love is fleeting, love is intermittent, love is avoided many times, and love is forbidden in many settings. This is the human dilemma. It is the reinstitution of love that is the answer for human struggle, and is the purpose of human destiny—the restoration of love to all in equal measure, transcending what is capable of being experienced by physical human. This is grander than you can imagine. It is bigger than your biggest dream, but it is a reward worth cultivating and working to achieve. We wish only to encourage, and not discourage, understanding full well there is much to be concerned with, and to have as a source of worry, if that helps to motivate. The time to choose is at hand. So we are doing our best here, to show you that the rewards far, far outweigh all you have been through, not only the suffering you may have had in your current life, but all your previous lifetimes of disconnection and separation from the divine, to work through the problems of the physical, and the challenges. It will be well, well, worth all you have given and the love will be not only your greatest teacher but your greatest reward.