DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat is the cause of the red and slightly swollen knees my client is experiencing?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a karmic resonance with a prior lifetime when she suffered joint problems that were aggravated in a difficult lifetime where she needed to take the initiative in rising to a challenge in her life, but was hobbled literally by severe joint pain and became immobilized and was ineffective in turning the tide working against her. Her life currently is stressful enough it is reawakening this very dilemma in the akashic records because it was never healed adequately. And so she continues to suffer when these feelings are stirred up within her because an answer will not be apparent, but she will only see the problems and become frustrated. In actuality, solving the current problem will not allay her fears because in actuality they run deeper from other times and places within other timelines. She can feel the pain on a deep subconscious level still, and that is unresolved and has nowhere to go. There is no source of help she can turn to for this except for your ability to channel the deep subconscious and do trauma resolution work. This will be of significant benefit for her and will be a useful learning exercise as well. It will help her better understand what is being done to help her son, so there will be multiple benefits in doing some work of this kind herself personally. Her difficulties are not so formidable that she will not benefit enough to see a difference in her life, so this will be a worthwhile undertaking and a useful collaboration to further her knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of the unique things you offer.