DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceWhat is the divine perspective on usury? And on simple interest and compound interest?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This is a side effect of needing money as a means of energy exchange. It creates the opportunity to have power over others by being ahead of them with regard to the abundance of money one has access to. The ideal world is one where wealth is shared. You have nothing like this on the Earth and that is an outgrowth of corruption more than anything else but it certainly is more of a challenge to be fair if one ends up with a shortfall personally, having given much away. So there are many consequences of living with uncertainty and insecurity even with respect to personal survival and having enough abundance to carry one through one’s life in terms of food and shelter, and so forth.

When the basic needs of life are hard-won and expensive in a money based world, those with large amounts of money are in a position to offer it to others and if a demand is made for a repayment, then impose an interest payment as a fee for extending this service and the element of risk it represents should someone abscond. The entire scenario here is illustrating the low level of conduct that money represents as a medium of doing business. It has its attractive aspects in a modern setting where tremendous numbers of transactions and complicated business arrangements can be consummated quite readily because there is a universally accepted medium of exchange, so all parties know they are getting the value agreed upon because the units are readily measured and standardized, at least under ideal circumstances.

The fiat money system has the illusion of stability, so it is not the same as something based on tangible assets, so this is a continual challenge and will be more and more so coming to the foreground as a result of currency collapsing with economic downturns. This brings to a head the issue of personal independence and the extent to which one can trust one’s neighbors and the government and its representatives as well, because one is often dealing with such bodies and even the bank system depends on the government to provide money in exchange for credits of various kinds and illustrates how fragile things truly are in reality.