DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceIn the physical universe, almost everything can be considered a “resource” whose availability is ultimately limited by either actual rarity, limited access, or compromise. Adrift on the ocean, water is plentiful, but “drinking water” is limited. Competition for limited resources seems to be the primary challenge for every level of physical life (and to some extent even “non-physical” as dark spirits need life-force energy). Is one of the primary purposes for all life forms in the physical world, the exploration of scarcity and competition?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This, in fact, is the case and it is an insightful interpretation of the experiencing and all of the trials and tribulations it brings of human beings with having a financial system to deal with commercial transactions and interpersonal transfer of the fruit of their labor. The issue of scarcity and competition is much more an issue and dilemma of physical existence than the higher dimensions and the reason is that everything truly is quite limited in the physical plane. It is also quite fragile. This, humans live every day—the fragility of the human body, its idiosyncratic functioning if conditions are not employed ideally to support its well-being and health. The fact that negative experiences can actually end up undermining the physical body is still a mystery to your science and medicine. And you know all too well the problems this brings in terms of there being extremely high cost involved for the more sophisticated and exotic medical treatments that represent the state of the art for dealing with difficult medical problems even though they are misguided and not fully understanding of the true origin of illness nor how to treat it, ideally.

The fact that health is a paramount consideration makes it worth every penny to do all one can, especially when there is a life-threatening illness underway, just obtaining energy to help with useful work by machines, appliances, environmental control of one’s home, and so forth, all represent technologies that have a cost because someone must make the devices and provide energy for their function. This requires work on someone’s part and comes often at a premium depending on the person’s location and the types of energy sources available to the citizenry in that geographic location.

When one is in a higher vibration, one is operating on a quantum level and can tap energy directly from the quantum field and this is a limitless supply. This solves many problems and economic constraints present in the physical level, so there are many differences but they illustrate the fundamental dilemma that in a physical existence you are fragile, you are vulnerable, and you are living with many limitations from this constraint, one of which is ultimately an economic challenge because you may need the help of others to have the technology to your liking. This is an opportunity for learning about adversity, how to cope, how to surmount and use one’s creativity to the greatest advantage to provide practical solutions for the many dilemmas that come up in life.

An additional limitation is the competition among humans as individuals all wanting similar things. and when one has put in planning, developing skills, spending long hours working at something and then obtains a reward of some kind, others may be tempted to take it for themselves as a shortcut because they are way behind and may not always have the same wherewithal to make something happen that yields great benefits. So there is an opportunity for strife, manipulation of others, and being unfairly treated by those wanting power and control.

So the physical environment is a great testing ground and proving ground to evaluate someone’s personal ethics and stability, their ability to handle adversity, and maintain a strong moral center, and stay on a path divine with the thoughts and actions they display. So this is the positive aspect but few find it fun and enjoyable to be tested, again and again, to be pressured, to be stretched to the breaking point in some instances, and then forced by the demands of life to fight for survival, but there is nothing like adversity to encourage growth and develop many fine personal attributes. Not only strength but resilience, a strong work ethic, an ability to be resolute and steadfast, maintaining a moral and ethical standard for one’s conduct even when challenged—these are true tests of divinity and will grow and deepen very desirable character attributes.