DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindWhat is the impact of subconscious programming of the mind by the Extraterrestrial Alliance on what accumulates in the thought plane, the akashic records, and the collective unconscious?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

The consequences of the instillation of new negative beliefs, or other types of propaganda by the Extraterrestrial Alliance doing subconscious programming below conscious awareness of the person, will nonetheless have the same impact as those levels of the mind acting on its beliefs to project energy to the repositories of consciousness—including the thought plane, the akashic records, and the collective unconscious to seek out further information and to leave evidence of its doings. Whether the belief is native to the person’s own life experience and a reaction based on its soul makeup, or being falsely implanted through a programming maneuver, it will nonetheless have the same impact when the person projects that belief forth through thinking, and especially with energy of emotion behind it, it will have the same impact on other levels of the being and beyond. So this indeed is one way to amplify the harm caused by the manipulation of people in this way because it will spread beyond those individuals to the human collective eventually, through the exchange of energies and the sharing of experience indirectly via sampling their consciousness in these repositories.