DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWhat is the Most Effective Means for Preserving Free Speech in Today’s World?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a multifaceted problem that exists on many, many, levels. There are cultural constraints naturally limiting human actions of all kinds through the expectations of others. These one learns growing up in society among peers who will quickly censor your actions, including speech, not to their liking if deemed socially inappropriate. This proceeds all through life. In every setting, people are always evaluating one another and everything they do. This is necessary for the effective functioning when people gather to accomplish a purpose, the self must agree to subordinate their personal interest to some degree for the benefit of the group activity, or when acting alone but on behalf of their employer, for example, or a life partner carrying out an errand or other duty. Beyond this, there are many roles when one may be thrust into the spotlight as a spokesperson to handle a negotiation, to deal with a difficult situation, to defend the home and reputation of loved ones, and so on.

All present challenges of varying kinds. All can be interfered with because of oppositional humans disagreeing or wanting to dominate a situation with an agenda of their own, and then, in many cases, acting on behalf of the cabal to inject a distortion of some kind into the discussion to cause a setback, a delay, or simply produce a state of agitation and uncertainty. And people may stand down and do nothing because they have doubts about their original objectives and their certainty of success when confronted by the naysayer. The gatekeepers at all levels who control the media are ever-watchful to ensure all who enter have an appropriate agenda and are deemed acceptable, based on multiple criteria, and these more and more include conformity to a groupthink of already established beliefs and dogma on many subjects. There is a tremendous selection bias on display determining who gets the microphone and who does not.

There are many self-serving impulses that would seem to be strictly the desire to maintain one’s position of dominance. So to have a desire to maintain the established order and not have it seriously questioned is clearly self-serving for those who have come to be seen as the experts and the authority figures on a subject. They do not relish serious questioning of their beliefs and recommendations and will often have screeners who will not allow strong differing opinions to have air time as it could be threatening to their situation and acceptance. This is often as much ego as inner fear. Most people in the arena of public affairs are not only self-confident, they are often narcissistic and believe in themselves totally as having a special wisdom and insight about matters, and see most others as fools who disagree rather than as someone who is a threat because they may know more. Either way, there is a constraint on freedom of expression and this serves no one but the interlopers. The best antidote for this is for there to be more clear thinking and adopting once again a larger perspective of wanting truth above all, and to see the truth emerge, come what may.

This was always the goal of the philosophers down through the ages, who would have rigorous debates among one another that became legendary, and many of the great treatises on philosophy were written in exactly that fashion, as interrogatories taking on critical questions and then sorting through the logical underpinnings to seek where there was strength or weakness in one’s argument. This is less and less likely to happen in today’s world. Not only are there gatekeepers, there are tremendous constraints on allowable time because there is such a small attention span. Information must come fast and furious and then move on to new topic within moments, in order to maintain viewer interest. This is most unfortunate because many subjects deserve a lengthy period of consideration, especially when there is an intricacy and complexity in the inner workings and one needs time to even define terms and describe a problem, let alone the way to derive an answer and a solution to be applied to make a difference. Yet, this is the way all subjects, big and small, are approached by the media. Everything is set up in a way to expect a quick and glib answer leading to a sound-bite that can be copied and shown in other settings again and again, thinking this is all that is needed and is the goal, and always under-serves reason, logic, and divine truth.

The best one can do is to shine one’s light and act in a loving way by embracing the love frequency, to be in alignment with divine truth and then let the thoughts and words come, having asked in advance for help from divine realm to convey the message in the highest and best way. If one uses prayer requests as a launching pad for their life in every respect, they will have a divine partnership to empower them again and again, to make everything they do more effective. This will help in dealing with opposition, criticism, manipulation, and confrontation, when attempting to make one’s mark and have an opportunity to go on the record, so to speak. Keep in mind that while humans may have little power compared to the institutions they may need to confront, when Creator is on their side, miracles can happen, and such an encounter may be just the time when a miracle is the very best way to create a win-win for truth.

This is a perfect illustration of the wisdom of living on a divine path in partnership with Creator. You will have all the resources available to do whatever might be needed, and can have the divine realm working behind the scenes to pave the way in a fashion that may be hidden but might be perceived later on as having been an important factor in the ultimate success of an enterprise, and came about because the divine realm could use a prior prayer request to help the person further in dealing with a bad situation of censorship and criticism. It is there for the asking and only requires belief in the divine and belief in the self.